Kicking Cow Promotions Agency Website

 I wrote much of the voice content for the website for Kicking Cow Marketing Promotions Agency of St. Louis, MO.  (They do great work!)

Kicking Cow.jpeg

Check out the site here:

Kicking Cow Promotions, St. Louis, MO

And here are some highlights from the site:

We stand out from the herd. And your brand will, too.


We kick up excitement for your brand.

Our Mission

With our relentless pursuit of impactful experiences that leave lasting impressions, we know how to create an emotional bond to your brand because we love what we do.

Imagine what we could do for you.



Markets! Events! Results!

From whole concept creation to the tiniest execution details, Kicking Cow’s experts handle everything.

(And we’ve NEVER been over budget! NOT ONCE! Who else can say that?)


One kick changed everything…

What’s With The Name?

Kicking Cow Promotions, Inc. adopted it’s name from Mrs. O’Leary’s infamous dairy cow, that with one kick, started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. One small spark that consumed Chicago.

We see the story as a reminder that even a little event can have a huge impact that resonates!

We relish the challenge of making your program one of a kind. We sweat the small stuff, the little things that most people don’t even notice, so you don’t have to!

What can one Kick from our Cow do for your brand?




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