Humor Sentiments

Gimme a “Y!” Gimme an “O!” …gimme a second to catch my breath. Gimme a “U!”


You put the “mom” in “awesmom! And you made me stay in school, which turns out was a good idea.


If we didn’t have you, Mom, we’d be eating cereal out of bowls made by Dad of duct tape.  But other than that, it would be bad.


I came across a ball of yarn the other day, and I have to say, the cat is really on to something.


I’ve always wanted to brew my own beer, but it turns out you can buy it already made!


Hope your Valentine’s Day is everything you dreamed it would be… in your twisted little sex brain that you should never speak of


You have nothing to fear except all the coyotes, mountain lions and bears that are encroaching on suburbia.  Go to the city on your birthday.  It’s safer.


You guys are like two flowers that make all the other flowers want to barf with all your P.D.A.


Thanks to middle school phys ed, I know that failure is indeed an option.


Achieving true success in life takes time, effort, preparation, persistence and a “can-do” attitude built from a solid foundation of self-confidence.  So, yeah, count me out.

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